What is Beast Lite panels?

✔ Child panel Of Beastsmmpanel

✔ Cost $10 per month

✔ Unlimited Orders

✔ Set Your Own Prices with Percentage

✔ Activate Own Payment Gateway

✔ All admin Panel features and more


⭕Contact us For Activate

What is Child Panel?

Now you can sell our services directly to your clients with your own custom pricing and your own payment methods. Funds will go directly to your account. Child panel is basically a platform to resell our services with your domain, Prices, and branding. Get a domain if don't have one before placing the child panel.


✅Unlimited Orders:

✅Customized pricing

✅You will directly get call support from SMM Team's Admin

✅80 Payment methods Worldwide.

✅We deduct 10$ per month directly from your account. beastsmmpanel will process every order your client made through your panel and the same will be deducted from your account balance.

Your Profit percentage will be your profit, You can sell Services at any prices to your panel

✅Drop a message to our what'spp support i need child panel

✅The team will contact you within 24hrs

Panel Features

A unique panel for the clients

Where they can order several services also, on the other hand, see the history of the their given orders

Accept online payments

Panel accepts bills via PayPal, skrill, Payeer, Payoner, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, etc.

Orders processing is automatic

Your Clients will add funds To your panel and Same like you add funds to our panel

After adding funds your client will place order and it it will reach to our panel automatically

You have to maintain funds with us By which orders will be processed

Connect Will be done Through Beastsmm API for automated orders processing or manage orders manually.

Easy customization

Customizing this panel is of much worth choosing certain languages of one's own choice.

User API

Easy-to-integrate API for your customers.

Powerful admin dashboard

It's having a variety of services like editing content and social engine optimization. The interest logs section helps you observe what your personnel are doing.

Activity log

Let's see what your staff are doing.

Template Selector

Available so many awesome themes.

Also you can see your daily sales, add funds, profits in reports


Add-on for auto likes, auto views, auto retweets, etc.

What can you use child panels for?

Child panels are fully white-labeled so you, as a regular panel owner, may sell them as a service to your customers.